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Our Farms

Hilltop Farm

Address: 539 Centre Road, Simpson, Victoria, 3266 (directions)

Hilltop is a 411 ha dairy operation located on the eastern side of Center Rd, 5.5 km from Simpson. Situated in an area of consistently high rainfall, the property receives average annual rainfall of more than 1,000mm or over 40 inches. Through farm acquisition and capital improvements Hilltop has developed in to a significant dairy complex with further capacity for herd growth and increased milk production.


  • 700 cow concrete feed pad with flood wash
  • 60 stand rotary dairy with intelligent individual feeding
  • 4 employee residences each with 3 to 5 bedrooms
  • The pasture land is subdivided into more than 60 paddocks and is serviced by upgraded laneways and a reticulated fresh water system
  • All paddocks have excellent fertility and have been resown in the last 3 years predominantly with rye grass.

Leslie Manor Farm

Address: 90 Homestead Rd, Camperdown, Victoria, 3260 (directions)

Leslie Manor Homestead was the first farm purchased by The Leslie Manor Trust. This property is situated on lake Corangamite, 25 km from Camperdown, Victoria. Leslie Manor Homestead has 500 acres of prime cropping country as well as grazing land along the lakefront. In order to support the two dairy operations in Simpson young dairy cattle are grazed at Leslie Manor Homestead. The historically significant Leslie Manor homestead and outbuildings (which were built in the 1840's) are situated here and give the property its name.


  • Historically significant homestead and outbuildings
  • Large cattle yards and drafting facilities
  • 2 employee residences