Innovation in farming through safety, people, excellence and integrity

About Us

The Leslie Manor Trust (LMT) is a privately held trust which owns and operates two separate properties that combined span over 1000 hectares in South Western Victoria, Australia. 'Hilltop' is a dairy operation near the town of Simpson. LMT also owns Leslie Manor Homestead, a property just outside Camperdown that is typically cropped with canola and wheat and also provides grazing for young cattle from the Simpson dairy herd. The original Leslie Manor Homestead and outbuildings were built of bluestone in the 1840's. These buildings are of significant historical significance to the district.

The properties are managed by a dedicated professional team. The two farms benefit from significant economies of scale.

Our Values

LMT's core values are an agreement and set of beliefs we are proud to live by. They are a statement of who we are and what makes our farms different.

  • Safety is paramount. LMT follow all standard operating procedures and ensure tasks are undertaken to a safe standard.
  • Integrity as demonstrated by obeying all laws, always telling the truth, doing what we say we will do, not surprising one other and paying what we owe by the due date.
  • Communication is essential. LMT shares information with our team and encourage open communication and team participation.
  • Accountability for our actions.
  • Respect for our animals and Respect for each other.
  • Mutual Support and Teamwork. LMT establish effective collaborative relationships with others and interact appropriately with people of all different backgrounds.

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